Kircman & Dolman carpets are designed for best wear performance. The adequate maintenance will keep the aspect and durability for years to come.


Before talking about maintenance please consider the following advice:


Walk off zones: A carpet needs to be protected from soil, especially areas or problem areas such as floor zones with hard floors and carpet.  The installation of walk-off zones with soil removing carpet mats is strongly recommended.


Daily Maintenance

To ensure the beauty and aspect of your carpet as long as possible, we recommend to vacuum the soil removing mats as well as the carpet on a daily basis. The vacuum cleaners used must be equipped with a rotating brush or a beater-bat to guarantee an easy removal of soil and dust.


Stain Removal

The removal of stains or soil should be part of the daily maintenance. The 4 basic rules for maintenance are:


1. Always treat stains immediately. The faster you treat a stain, the easier you can remove it.

2. Always work from the edges towards the centre of the stain, to avoid a spreading of the spot.

3. Never rub! This may damage carpet fibres.

4. Use only appropriate products to remove stains. We recommend testing the method on a sample or carpet rest.


Intermediate cleaning

This maintenance includes the thorough cleaning of the pile surface. It does not replace the basic cleaning. The intermediate cleaning should be executed a minimum of once a year and be subcontracted to a professional carpet cleaning service. We recommend testing the cleaning method on a sample or carpet rest. There are 3 methods : dry cleaning, shampooing and spray extraction .


Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning of the carpet does not involve any waiting times. Carpet can be re-used immediately. The cleaning powder will be applied onto the carpet and evenly spread. Soil will be soaked up by the powder. After a short waiting time, the powder can be vacuumed.



The shampoo is applied onto the surface and has to be massaged into the carpet pile. Soil and stains are taken up by the shampoo. This substance must then be extracted from the carpet by a water vacuum machine. After a waiting time of ca. 5 hours, the carpet has to be hovered again.


Spray Extraction

The spray extraction is a very thorough method of cleaning large carpet surfaces. It needs to be executed by a professional carpet cleaner. Spray extraction should be tested on a sample or rest of the carpet installed.

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